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Title: Where is your writing?
Poast by: Father Luke on June 01, 2010, 04:55:21 PM
In 2010 I decided I'd move to Portland, Oregon. For one brief insane moment, I figured leaving the stuff I'd written, visible and free up on the web, writing which people had paid for, was doing a disservice to the people who'd paid me money for the things I written by leaving everything freely available on the web.

It didn't seem fair that people had paid me money for the stuff anyone could happen upon by accident, and then copy it into a high school yearbook somewhere, or even just read it, while others had put an effort into owning a copy of my writing for themselves.

Having the stuff people paid for freely available up on the web seemed a total ripoff to the people who'd loved me enough to give me their money, or had trusted me enough to publish me.

So, I took my writing off the web.

Well. It's still here. You can see it.

Anyone can.

But now you'll have to pay.

Not really.
Is this kind of making an impression on you?

So, if you want to read what I write, I'm right here.
If you want to pay me? Cool! That's easy, too.

Register (http://fatherluke.org/Forum/register/) here at F a t h e r L u k e .com, then become a subscriber (http://fatherluke.org/Forum/profile/?area=subscriptions).

Sound good?

That's great!