Author Topic: Father Luke recordings on Plundercast streaming Sunday Night 10pm EST  (Read 2448 times)


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To kind of celebrate the release of the .flac (lossless format) version of the PILOT episode of NCN's ongoing collage series 'Needle in the Red' (now down-loadable, you can find them for free on alt.multimedia.slack for you usenet types)... NCN is presenting a somewhat annotated version of the pilot episode for the Needle in the Red series featuring the voice of Father Luke included therein.

Broadcast originally on KFJC on January 25th, 2003, from the very early 'classic' days of NCN, featuring the original lineup and with **actual Silicon Valley voicemail community recordings from the 80's and 90's** wiiiith.... Father Luke, Joe Sledgehammer, Ronald Redball, Al Newport, Angel D. Monique, and others, as well as weird original music and strange collages.

3 Hours on Sunday Night. Go to for full information and listen links (which will only work at showtime shortly before 10pm EST)

The Father Luke (and other 'voicejailers') portion will appear a little over an hour in, and after that point, peppered throughout.

Father Luke: "Hello... hello... what is the meaning of this...?"


Phineas (who is feeling better)